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Nothing is worse than the surprise of seeing flashing blue and red lights in your rear-view mirror as you realize a police officer is pulling you over. If these events sound familiar, perhaps you have been arrested before on suspicion of driving under the influence. The truth is, a DWI arrest can happen to anybody, and most people never expect it to happen to them until the aforementioned moment.

According to the Missouri Division of Behavioral Health, there are nearly 6,000 DWI arrests in the state in a given year. There are a number of reasons why a law enforcement officer may pull you over on suspicion of DWI. The following are three of the top red flags that may lead to a DWI charge.

1. Drifting in lanes

One of the most common telltale signs that officers look for if they suspect a driver is inebriated is the inability to stay in one lane. Often, if a person has been drinking, he or she will be unable to concentrate enough to keep the car in the lane. There are many other reasons why a driver might drift between lanes, though, so it is problematic to assume this is indicative of inebriation.

2. Lights not on

Law enforcement may also pull you over on suspected DWI if you are driving at night without your lights on. Drinking often leads to forgetfulness, including overlooking simple things such as turning your headlights on. Your lights might also be broken, or you may have forgotten to turn them on despite being completely sober. Regardless, this is a red flag that many officers will be on the lookout for.

3. Failure to signal

It is true that many of the routine oversights that drivers make every day can become red flags when an officer is on patrol looking for potential DWI arrests. Failure to signal is a great example of this. While this may not usually end with you getting pulled over — much less arrested — it could easily lead to arrest under different circumstances.

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