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When do Missouri police departments increase DWI enforcement?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2024 | DWI Defense

Technically, anyone who draws the attention of a police officer in traffic or ends up involved in a crash could be subject to chemical screening and arrest, depending on the situation. Missouri police officers arrest people who cause crashes and also those who demonstrate signs of intoxication while on the road.

An arrest could come at any point if a driver crashes or does something unsafe while there is a police officer nearby. However, there are certain times when police officers on the Missouri roads may look more carefully for signs of intoxication and may be more likely to arrest those they suspect of impairment.

After the sun sets

A look at federal collision statistics makes it quite clear that many major crashes occur after dark. Drunk driving collisions, in particular, often tend to occur after the sun sets. The time after bars close, in particular, may be a time with enhanced police presence on the road. DWI enforcement efforts are often more of a concern during the darker times of day as opposed to the morning and early afternoon.

On high-risk days

There are certain days when drunk driving becomes more of an issue. Many major holidays, including New Year’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, involve traditions with alcohol. Police departments may have more traffic patrol officers scheduled on days when there is an increased likelihood of a drunk driving crash occurring. Major holidays and the weekends right before or after those holidays may see increased police presence on the road.

Major events in an area, including sporting events, graduation ceremonies and concerts, may also trigger increased police activity. Those enjoying special events may over-indulge and then feel as though they have to drive themselves home. Police departments often monitor local entertainment schedules and school district schedules to better prioritize days when the risk of people celebrating and drinking too much is higher than average.

Although Missouri drivers can encounter police officers looking for drunk drivers any day and at any time, officers out looking for drunk motorists are more of a concern at certain times. Connecting one’s arrest with a police officer’s assumptions, including the idea that those leaving a concert may have had too much to drink, could help those accused of a Missouri DWI plan a more effective defense.

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