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DWI And Ignition Interlock Devices

If you are charged with driving while intoxicated after a prior DWI conviction, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) on your vehicle. To avoid the embarrassment and expense of this statutory penalty, you need an attorney who can fight the underlying drunk driving charges.

Travis Noble, P.C., in St. Louis, Missouri, has a record of notable results in DWI defense, including repeat DWI and felony DWI cases. We will do everything we can to avoid a conviction or minimize the penalties you face, including the ignition interlock requirement.

We handle drunk driving defense in St. Louis, St. Charles and surrounding counties, and we are called upon regularly in tough drunk driving cases statewide and nationwide.

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Blow Before You Can Go: What Is Ignition Interlock?

An ignition interlock device, or IID, is a breath-testing device similar to a portable breath tester used by law enforcement. The device is connected to your vehicle’s ignition, horn and headlights. You must blow into the IID each time you start your car. If the device detects any alcohol on your breath, the vehicle will not start. Furthermore, the horn will blare and the lights will flash.

Ignition Interlock Device (IID) For Repeat DWI Offenses

The Missouri Legislature instituted the ignition interlock in 2009 as a deterrent to repeat DWIs. If you have two or more convictions for DWI or other alcohol offenses on your driving record, you must have an IID installed before you can apply for license reinstatement or restricted driving privileges. You must pay to install and maintain the IID for six months. Judges have discretion to impose ignition interlock for first-time offenses for more than six months.

IID For First-Time DWI Offenses

A driver convicted of a first-time DWI can choose to install an IID to cut his or her driver’s license suspension time in half. If a driver installs an IID, he or she will be able to drive — on restricted driving privileges — after 15 days of license suspension.

The individual’s driving privileges will be restricted for 75 days, after which the driver’s license will be reinstated. If, however, the driver violates the restricted driving privilege, then his or her license will remain restricted for an additional 75 days.

Ignition Interlock Costs In Missouri

Ignition interlocks are a financial hardship, requiring an installation fee plus a monthly fee of $70 or more. Failure to maintain the ignition interlock can result in license revocation for one year or for five years on a second offense. These devices are also infamous for false positives, resulting in additional citations and embarrassing incidents even if you have not had a drop of alcohol.

Enhanced Requirements

There are enhanced requirements for certain DWI repeat offenders, including individuals convicted of three DWIs in 10 years or two alcohol-related traffic offenses within five years. Upon license reinstatement or approval to drive with limited driving privileges, these individuals must purchase and install ignition interlock devices that have cameras and GPS technology.

This technology allows the state to monitor IID use and abuse. If a driver tampers with an IID, has a passenger blow into the device for him or her or blows at blood alcohol levels higher than those set by the Department of Transportation, six months can be added to his or her reinstatement period.

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Our goal is to avoid an IID if at all possible by avoiding a DWI conviction. We have obtained dismissals and acquittals for many clients; in other cases, we have negotiated deals with prosecutors that avoid jail, ignition interlock and other penalties.

The outcome depends on the facts of your case, but we will explain your options and aggressively pursue the best defense available to you. Call Travis Noble, P.C., at 314-450-7849 or email our firm to schedule a free consultation.

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