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Why do teens have a BAC limit of 0.02?

Having a teen driver can be a challenge. Insurance rates are usually higher, and you may worry that your teen will damage a new car or experience failure problems from an old car. You may have to set curfews or mileage limits. There is a lot to manage to ensure safety.

Another factor you should be aware of is drunk driving, especially if your young driver recently started college, where partying is notorious. In all states, drunk driving is illegal. Adults who can legally drink cannot have a BAC over 0.08%, whereas those who are underage cannot exceed 0.02%. That may seem like an arbitrary number, but the lower limit exists for good reasons.

When it comes to alcohol consumption, everyone is different

Autumn offers many opportunities for enjoying alcohol with friends and family members. Perhaps you love getting together with the boys to tailgate before a college football game. Or, maybe you host an annual harvest festival, complete with delicious spiked cider. Either way, you should know how your body handles alcohol. 

If you drink this fall, you must take steps to keep yourself both safe and out of legal trouble. If you drive with a blood alcohol concentration of above 0.08%, you may face stiff DWI penalties. Yet, you may also wonder how long you must wait to drive after consuming beer, liquor, wine, cider or seltzer. 

How much does a Missouri DWI affect auto insurance rates?

When Missouri authorities charge you with drunk driving and that charge winds up leading to a conviction, you can expect to have to pay a substantial amount of money in fines and other expenses relating to your action. Even if it is your first time receiving a driving while intoxicated conviction in the state, you can plan on it costing you a substantial sum. Furthermore, some of the DWI-related expenses you face will continue to plague you even after you begin driving again.

For example, you can expect to pay substantially more for automotive insurance coverage in Missouri once you have a DWI conviction on your record, Insure.com reports, even if you are a first-time DWI offender. Just how much more will automotive insurance typically cost you once you have a Missouri DWI in your driving history?

Do hot wings make you drink more?

Few things in life are better than meeting your buddies for some beer and hot wings at your favorite sports bar. After all, polishing off some wings while you watch the Cardinals beat the Cubs in extra innings is one of life’s simple pleasures. Still, combining beer and hot wings may make you drink more than you otherwise would. 

Driving with a blood alcohol concentration over 0.08% may land you in jail. If you are operating a commercial vehicle, a BAC over 0.04% violates Missouri’s drunk-driving laws. While you may have a good idea of how much alcohol you can consume without running afoul of the law, eating certain foods may cause you to inadvertently consume more alcohol. 

What you need to know about medication and field sobriety tests

As you likely know, drinking and driving in Missouri is a bad idea. If officers discover that you have a blood alcohol concentration above the 0.08% legal limit, you are likely to face a variety of consequences. Still, the medication you take may interfere with the methods officers use to identify impaired drivers. 

Modern medicine offers physicians a variety of ways to treat many illnesses and injuries. Whether you take prescription or over-the-counter medication, though, you should think about how it may affect your driving ability. You should also understand that certain medications may make passing a field sobriety test nearly impossible. 

Your keto diet may spell trouble with the breathalyzer

Taking care of your body is important. Maintaining the proper diet and exercise regime can help you feel physically and mentally fit.

The keto diet is popular for several reasons. Do you know what this diet does to your body and how it may affect you on the road? The keto diet may trip you up during a traffic stop. If an officer believes you are under the influence and asks you to take a breathalyzer, the keto diet may wind up landing you in jail.

Driving under the influence distinctions in Missouri

Most people do not intentionally set out to hurt others. However, when people choose to drive under the influence, they put others in danger, as well as themselves.

For this reason, law enforcement is diligent about charging offenders with a DWI. With the different kinds of charges for driving under the influence, it can be confusing. Here are the main terms you may hear and how they may apply in your situation.

Are personal BAC breath tests reliable?

St. Louis has thousands of restaurants, bars and public places where you can enjoy a cocktail and the company of your friends. As you likely know, though, few things ruin a fun night on the town faster than flashing lights in your rearview mirror. If your blood alcohol concentration is above the 0.08% legal limit, your evening may quickly turn into a legal nightmare. 

Driving drunk is a terrible idea for several different reasons. While taking a taxi or rideshare after consuming alcohol is often an effective way to stay out of trouble, you may prefer to drive. Investing in a personal breath test may help you gauge whether your BAC has climbed above 0.08%. Are these devices reliable, though? 

What not to say during a DWI traffic stop

After leaving a Cardinals game or dining out with friends, seeing those red and blue lights behind you could strike fear in your heart. You know you have been drinking, but have you hit 0.08%? Are you about to receive a driving while intoxicated charge?

Too many drivers in Missouri incriminate themselves by saying the wrong things to police officers during DWI traffic stops. Avoiding a DWI may be possible if you keep your cool and remember a few things not to say.

Understanding sobriety checkpoints

The summer months are a peak period for drinking and driving, according to law enforcement. High school and college students who are out of school, families who are on vacation and people who are celebrating holidays such as Independence Day and Labor Day often include alcohol in their festivities.


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