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How to drink responsibly at your next Cardinals game

One of the best parts of living in the St. Louis area is leaving work early to take in a Cardinals baseball game. After all, the Cardinals have a long history of playing some of the best ball in MLB. While there is nothing wrong with drinking a beer or two at the ballgame, a DWI charge is an effective way to ruin both your afternoon and your summer. 

Drinking responsibly at sporting events is often more difficult than it sounds. When you are watching the Cardinals stack up runs against the Cubs, it can be tough to monitor your alcohol consumption. Still, drinking responsibly is one of the most successful strategies for avoiding a DWI. Here are some tips for drinking responsibly at your next Cardinals game.

How to pick a designated driver

Like most of your neighbors in St. Louis, you work hard every day. When the daily grind becomes a bit too hard to take, you want to hit the town with your friends to blow off some steam. As you know, though, few things can destroy an otherwise fun evening faster than a DWI. After all, fighting a DWI charge can be both stressful and challenging. 

The best way to avoid a DWI is never to drink and drive. You do not have to curb your entertainment options, though. By picking a designated driver before you imbibe, you know you have a safe and legal ride home. Not everyone makes a good designated driver, however. Here are four steps for picking one.

When are DWI arrests at their highest?

While drunk driving arrests can occur in virtually any area and at just about any time of day or night, there are certain times and occasions when authorities are more likely to be out looking for potential drunk drivers. Drunk driving arrests typically rise considerably during the summer months, for example, and this is especially true among teenage drivers who are out of school and more likely to spend more time on the roadways.

While the summer months, per BACTrack, see an uptick in drunk driving arrests, there are other times throughout the year when authorities are more likely to stop motorists and subsequently arrest them for driving while intoxicated.

Your medications may affect your BAC

When you get behind the steering wheel of a vehicle, you become responsible for everything that happens while you operate it. Driving a car is a hefty responsibility, and you want to have your full faculties about you.

You have taken prescription medication over the years for a variety of reasons. Did you know that your medication may affect your blood alcohol content even when it is not making you impaired? Should you ever find yourself pulled over by the police after taking certain medications, you may find yourself in trouble.

How much will a DWI cost you?

The consequences of a DWI conviction are more than just possible jail time, license suspension or alcohol treatment. Another is the significant impact on your finances. Expenses can include hiring an attorney, paying court fees and fines, posting bail and purchasing an ignition interlock.

However, these bills are only the beginning of the equation. A DWI can affect your bank account in the following ways as well. This is yet another reason why it is imperative to have a strong legal defense to protect your rights and your wallet.

How you feel may affect your BAC

Everyone knows drinking and driving can spell trouble. After all, if officers arrest you for driving under the influence of alcohol, you may face many criminal and other consequences. While a variety of factors determine your blood alcohol content, your mood and overall well-being may cause you to cross the legal limit more rapidly. 

Generally, the faster you drink, the quicker your blood alcohol content rises. Therefore, you should try to limit yourself to a single drink every hour to avoid legal problems. You should also eat before you start drinking. That is, consuming a protein-rich meal a couple hours before your first drink can help you control your BAC. You must also think about how you feel, though. 

Mistakes DWI defendants often make

A DWI conviction can seriously upend your life. That is especially true if you already have a criminal record, such as one woman from Otterville whom police arrested on suspicion of DWI on Feb. 5. The woman was already on probation for a felony drug possession charge from 2016 and could face more jail time from a conviction. 

Defendants of DWI charges should never resign themselves to high fines and possible jail time. You can still fight the charges to try to avoid the conviction or attempt to get the charges reduced. As you await your trial date, you should never make the following mistakes. 

Opening Day may leave you open to per se DWI

Opening Day at Busch Stadium occurs on Thursday, April 4 this year, and it is a great time to get together with like-minded fans.

However, all the excitement of a new season could lead to excessive drinking. Do you know how much is too much and how that relates to “per se DWI?”

Choose a designated driver before going out

Baseball season is on the horizon, hockey is in full swing and the Super Bowl is right around the corner. All of these events call for time spent with friends between bars, stadiums and homes. Before you attend a sporting event, no matter where, you should know who your designated driver is.

Your chances of getting pulled over for a DWI around St. Louis increase during major sporting events. If you think you can kick back a couple of cold ones without garnering a DWI charge, think again.

The "Live PD" effect on drunk driving

You may find yourself pondering what level your blood alcohol content is at any given time during your night out on the town, or you may not think about it until it is too late. It happens frequently in St. Louis that police pull people over on suspicion of DWI, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when more people spend the night out on the town. Police are especially vigilant in light of the heavy toll drunk driving takes on Missouri citizens.

You may have taken note of how officers justify and respond to DWI traffic stops on a television show such as "Cops" and "Live PD." You may have to decide if having that third beer puts you in jeopardy of getting home safely or not.

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