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Illegal Blood Alcohol Content Lawyer

The drunk driving statutes are based on a specific level of alcohol concentration in a person’s bloodstream. However, these tests are not nearly as accurate or indicative as the government would have you believe. If blood alcohol content, or BAC, is the crux of the prosecution’s case, you need an attorney like Travis Noble Jr. who knows how to cast doubt on this evidence.

Travis Noble, P.C., handles drunk driving defense cases throughout Missouri. Our renowned St. Louis illegal blood alcohol content attorney has represented clients nationwide.

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Blood Alcohol Content As A Measure Of Impairment

At a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or greater, the law presumes that you are too intoxicated to safely drive a motor vehicle. This is known as a per se DWI — no other proof is required for conviction other than a breath test, blood test or urine test that shows an illegal BAC level.

  • If you are arrested with a high BAC of .15 or greater, you may be subject to enhanced penalties, including longer license suspension.
  • If you are a truck driver with a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you can be charged with DWI at a much lower BAC of .04 percent.
  • If you are under the age of 21, Missouri’s zero tolerance statute dictates that your license can be suspended for any measurable alcohol in your bloodstream (BAC of .02).

What If You ‘Pass’ The BAC Test?

The BAC reading on the portable breath testing (PBT) device used is not admissible in court. The PBT merely verifies that a person has been drinking and supports probable cause to make an arrest. Once in custody, you must submit to an official breath test. Refusal of a breath test results in automatic license suspension for one year, and the act of refusal can be used against you in court.

If the Breathalyzer registers less than .08, you are not necessarily off the hook. (A) You can still be charged with DWI if there is other evidence of intoxication such as squad car video of erratic driving or “failing” the field sobriety tests. (B) The officer may suspect that you are under the influence of drugs, in which case you may be compelled to provide a blood and/or urine sample to be tested for controlled substances.

Missouri Illegal BAC Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense trial attorney Travis Noble has won cases by challenging blood alcohol content. If your BAC hovers near the .08 level (or other threshold), there is reasonable doubt in the margin of error. If your BAC is well over the legal limit, there are legitimate defenses regarding the Breathalyzer device and how it was administered. If your BAC is under .08, we will attack the other evidence of impairment.

Challenging The Results Of BAC Testing

Your BAC results are not the end of the story. You should always contact a lawyer as soon as possible after a drunk driving arrest. Call Travis Noble, P.C., at 314-450-7849 or email us to arrange a free consultation with our St. Louis illegal blood alcohol content lawyer.

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