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About Field Sobriety Tests

Most people who are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving do not know their rights or are hesitant to assert those rights. Instead, drivers agree to perform sobriety tests that are unreliable and biased. These tests in turn provide more foundation for a DWI arrest.

We can’t turn back the clock, but we may be able to undo the damage. The DWI defense team of Travis Noble, P.C., has obtained favorable results by aggressively challenging field sobriety tests and the conclusions drawn by law enforcement.

We handle DWI/DUI cases in St. Louis, St. Charles and surrounding counties of eastern Missouri. Attorney Travis L. Noble has also applied his proven strategies on behalf of DWI clients statewide and nationwide.

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Challenging Field Sobriety Tests In Missouri DWI Cases

Drivers are not legally obligated to get out of their vehicle to perform roadside tests. Yet most people are either (a) eager to prove they are not intoxicated or (b) too intimidated to say no to an insistent and imposing law enforcement officer.

Field sobriety tests are like a rigged carnival game. No matter how well you perform, the officer can usually point to something — a misstep, a wobble, a tongue-tied statement — as evidence that you “failed” the test. That leads to other sobriety tests, a portable breath test and then an arrest.

Only a few field sobriety tests (FSTs) — the walk and turn, the one-leg stand and the horizontal gaze nystagmus (pen test) — are recognized as legitimate indicators of intoxication. The rest, such as reciting the alphabet backward, are not admissible in court. Even the bona fide sobriety tests are only as reliable as the officer who conducts them.

St. Louis DWI Defense Lawyer Travis L. Noble Is A Former Police Officer

Travis L. Noble spent 10 years in law enforcement before he practiced law, so he understands how a DWI traffic stop and roadside tests ought to be conducted. Now representing the accused, he brings 12 years of successful DWI defense strategies to your case. By pointing out the procedural errors or unsupportable conclusions of field sobriety tests, he casts reasonable doubt on the officer’s version of events and the admissibility of any follow-up evidence such as a breath test.

We examine every aspect of the prosecution’s case to get DWI charges dismissed or reduced. Travis Noble also has the resources and the resolve to take cases to trial when a guilty plea is out of the question.

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Travis L. Noble is a graduate of the National College for DUI Defense at Harvard University, and he lectures at seminars nationwide on DWI/DUI topics. He is the lawyer whom other lawyers consult to defend their DWI clients. Most importantly, he has a track record of successfully defending some of the toughest DWI cases in Missouri and beyond.

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