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Challenging DWI Urine Test Results

Your Missouri driver’s license comes with a catch. Under the implied consent law, you are obligated to submit to a breath, blood or urine test upon suspicion of driving while impaired. If you refuse to give a urine sample, your license can be revoked for one year. Furthermore, you may be subject to a court order to forcibly obtain a sample of your blood, saliva or urine to test for intoxication.

Why Would They Want A Urine Sample?

In most DWI cases, law enforcement conducts a breath test to measure blood alcohol content (BAC). However, a urine test may be requested:

  • As corroboration of the breath test or blood test
  • As an alternative to a malfunctioning Breathalyzer
  • If the officer suspects the influence of drugs other than alcohol
  • If a blood sample is not feasible

Although the government can compel you to submit to a urine test, the results, the methods and the underlying basis all can be challenged in court. You need a lawyer who knows how to assert these defenses.

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A Former Law Enforcement Officer On Your Side

Attorney Travis L. Noble worked for 10 years as a police officer and narcotics agent prior to his 12 years in criminal defense practice. He is familiar with the mistakes that arresting officers make in DWI cases, from unwarranted traffic stops to implied consent violations. If your DWI charges hinge on the findings of a urine test, he is skilled at suppressing such evidence or casting reasonable doubt upon it.

Missouri DWI Urine Test Lawyer · Proven Defense Strategies

Travis L. Noble can credibly address missteps in police procedure from the perspective of his own experience in law enforcement. He can challenge the basis for requesting a urine test, how the test was administered, the chain of custody of the sample and the validity of the urinalysis. He has access to toxicologists and other experts, and he is prepared to fight for you at trial if necessary to protect your freedom and your future.

Challenging The Evidence In Your DWI Case

Were you subjected to an illegal urine test in Missouri that resulted in DWI charges? Call Travis Noble, P.C., at 314-450-7849 or 314-450-7849 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation. We offer DWI defense in St. Louis, St. Charles and beyond.

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Travis L. Noble is a graduate of the National College for DUI Defense at Harvard University, and he lectures at seminars nationwide on DWI/DUI topics. He is the lawyer whom other lawyers consult to defend their DWI clients. Most importantly, he has a track record of successfully defending some of the toughest DWI cases in Missouri and beyond.

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