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Charged With Drug Use While Driving?

In Missouri, you don’t have to be drunk to be arrested on suspicion of DWI. If drug use has affected your ability to operate a motor vehicle, you could be arrested and convicted on a DWI charge. This applies whether the drug was prescribed by your doctor, was an over-the-counter medication or was a controlled substance.

DWI drug cases involve different factual and legal issues from a regular DWI case. The attorney you choose should be well-versed in the techniques that the police use to test drivers for the presence of drugs in the blood, how to interpret those test results and how to challenge the validity of those tests.

Successful In The Toughest Cases

Attorney Travis L. Noble has a successful record defending people accused of DWI in Missouri. In many of these cases, the facts were seemingly stacked against his clients, yet in the end Mr. Noble was able to get charges dismissed or reduced to nonalcohol driving offenses. When you retain him to defend you, Travis Noble will use his experience and knowledge to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Many people charged with DWI drug offenses are also charged with possession of a controlled substance. If you have been charged with possession of illegal drugs, Travis Noble can defend you against that charge as well as the DWI drug charge.

Can The State Prove You Were Impaired?

Police use urine tests, blood tests or saliva tests to measure the amounts of drugs in a person’s system. Yet in itself, the presence of those drugs in a person’s body does not indicate impairment. In this respect, a DWI drug case is quite different from a DWI alcohol case. Many drugs, particularly marijuana, can leave residue in a person’s body for days or weeks after they were consumed. The prosecutor must use other means to show that you were impaired, such as erratic driving or other indirect evidence. Travis Noble will seek to defeat the prosecutor’s case by showing that you were not impaired according to the definition of the law or that the drug tests were flawed or by other means.

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Travis L. Noble is a graduate of the National College for DUI Defense at Harvard University, and he lectures at seminars nationwide on DWI/DUI topics. He is the lawyer whom other lawyers consult to defend their DWI clients. Most importantly, he has a track record of successfully defending some of the toughest DWI cases in Missouri and beyond.

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