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Collateral Consequences Of DWI

A drunk driving arrest is scary and humiliating. If that arrest results in a conviction, it may haunt you for years to come, in many facets of your life.

At the law firm of Travis Noble, P.C., we understand that the collateral consequences of a DWI can be as bad as — or worse than — the criminal penalties. We start with the aim of avoiding a drunk driving conviction altogether to spare our clients from the long-term fallout.

We provide aggressive DWI defense in the St. Louis area and throughout Missouri. Call 314-450-7849 to arrange a free consultation.

The Collateral Consequences Of A Drunk Driving Arrest

If you were pulled over on suspicion of impaired driving and arrested on DWI charges, you may be subject to a wide range of statutory penalties, including:

Avoid The Lasting Impact Of A DWI Conviction

It may be possible to avoid jail and retain or regain your driving privileges. However, a misdemeanor or felony DWI conviction on your record can have other immediate and long-range consequences:

  • You could be fired from your job.
  • Professional licenses could be suspended or revoked.
  • Your criminal record could affect future employment prospects.
  • Students could jeopardize college eligibility or scholarships.
  • Military service members can be discharged, denied promotion or denied security clearance.
  • You can expect a large insurance rate increase after a DWI.
  • A DWI conviction takes a toll on families, friendships and community status.
  • A first offense sets you up for major consequences if you are ever arrested again for DWI.

Don’t Just Let This Happen — Fight Your DWI

Trial attorney Travis Noble Jr. is renowned for favorable outcomes in drunk driving defense, from first offenses to felony DWI or DWI accidents. Whatever the circumstances, we work to avoid the worst ramifications of a DWI arrest.

Call 314-450-7849 or email us to schedule a free consultation to discuss the collateral consequences of DWI with a Missouri lawyer.

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