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Missouri woman arrested for drunk driving

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2016 | Drunk Driving

A 34-year-old Missouri woman was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after she crashed her car on Highway 61-67 on March 27. The 3:25 a.m. accident sent her car battery flying through the air, and it struck another vehicle.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the St. Louis resident was headed north on Highway 61-67 in her 2015 Kia Optima when she veered off the road near Country Haven Drive. She reportedly plowed into two culverts, a boulder and a ditch, which caused the Kia’s engine battery to go airborne and strike a southbound 2014 Ford Mustang.

The driver of the Mustang, a 47-year-old Imperial woman, was not hurt in the incident. The driver of the Kia suffered moderate injuries and was transported by ambulance to St. Anthony’s Medical Center in St. Louis County, where she was later listed in good condition. Authorities said she was arrested at the hospital for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, though she has not been officially charged with a crime. Both drivers were wearing their seat belts when the crash occurred.

Missouri residents who have been handed driving while intoxicated charges can face harsh consequences if they are convicted, including significant jail time, steep fines and the loss or reduction of driving privileges. This may make it advisable for those who find themselves in this situation to obtain the assistance of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. In some cases, a challenge to the way the field sobriety or breath tests were handled could be successful. In the event that it is a first offense, the attorney might be able to obtain the agreement of the prosecutor to a reduced penalty such as alcohol awareness classes.

Source: Leader, “Woman Arrested On Suspicion of DWI After Her Airborne Auto Battery Hits a Passing Car,” Steve Taylor, March 27, 2016


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