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DWI saturations scheduled in Missouri

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2016 | Drunk Driving

Drinking alcohol and driving can be a deadly combination, and occasional intensification of monitoring for DWI activity can be a helpful tool for the authorities as they seek to send a message to residents about safety on the roads. As Missouri highway troopers prepare for such activity in May 2016, there have been announcements to alert the public to the coming efforts. The areas in which the intensified DWI enforcement will take place include the counties of Sullivan, Marion, and Ralls.

Although the activities have been promoted as focusing on DWI, other illegal driving activity will be monitored as well. Hazardous moving violations, speeding and other issues will be addressed during these efforts. One of the most serious issues other than impaired driving on Missouri roads is the failure of motorists and passengers to use seat belts. In fact, more than 60 percent of driving fatalities are attributed to failure in using such restraints.

A concentrated effort to reduce impaired driving can have a positive impact on a community, but those detained in connection with enforcement saturations for DWI could also be affected by errors on the part of officials. Because of the increased level of activity, there is the potential for an officer to neglect certain standard steps in the process of evaluating whether a driver is under the influence. Issues such as field sobriety testing can be subjective at times. Breath testing could be used to evaluate blood alcohol content, but some such equipment might be called into question based on potential errors.

An individual whose civil rights related to search and seizure have been violated during a DWI detention might seek legal advice about the situation. A defense lawyer might review the authorities’ report for appropriate protocol in terms of rights being read or in the obtaining of search warrants.


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