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On Feb. 26, a man was accused of driving drunk in St. Charles during the accident that killed his uncle. The fatal crash took place at about 11:30 p.m. while the accused man was driving along the westbound lanes of Interstate 70 at the exit ramp for Zumbehl. After crashing into the rear of a tractor-trailer, the man's vehicle became trapped beneath it.

A 46-year-old passenger who was reported to be the driver's uncle died at the scene of the crash. The accused drunk driver was treated for injuries at the scene and then taken into police custody and charged with driving while intoxicated. There were no reports of anyone else being injured in the accident.

Although it is unclear what led to the man's DWI charge in this case, drivers are often given breath or blood tests after they are involved in an accident. Neither of these testing methods is perfect, but a blood test is generally considered to be a more accurate measure of a person's intoxication level than a breath test. A criminal defense attorney may be able to help a person who is accused of DWI to develop a solid defense strategy depending on the results of a breath or a blood test that they were administered.

A person who caused a fatal car accident may admit to being at fault for the accident while arguing that they were not impaired at the same time. The person might explain that they were driving while distracted or drowsy before the accident took place. Although the driver might face penalties for causing the accident, the penalties are likely to be much less severe if the driver can prove that they were not driving while intoxicated.

Source: KMOV, "Suspect in custody for alleged DWI, causing fatal accident," Feb. 27, 2015

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