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Juvenile held after robbery

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Missouri authorities reported that they had detained a 17-year-old male juvenile for allegedly robbing a St. Clair gas station on Sycamore Lane using a knife on Feb. 3. The specific criminal charge in the case was not reported. A store employee gave the alleged perpetrator’s description to authorities as they continued to speak with witnesses on site and collected additional information.

Authorities responded to a call regarding a man who reportedly came into the store and demanded cash from the woman at the register. She said that she gave him all of the money that was in the drawer and that he ran away from the scene and up a hill in back of the store. Before he escaped, a store patron knocked over the alleged robber and scuffled with him, during which time the man lost control of most of the cash. When he finally ran, there were two locations to which he may have fled.

A nearby school made an automated phone call to all parents to report that area schools were on a lockdown in order to protect students after the robbery. However, the phone blast mistakenly reported that the man was already in custody by then. Authorities continued their investigation into the incident and questioned the suspected teenager. State, county and city law enforcement agencies worked together on the case.

A juvenile before the court might benefit from alternative sanctions, such as probation or home arrest, for a serious crime in order to rehabilitate him or her. A criminal defense attorney might be able to negotiate a plea agreement on a juvenile’s behalf in order to seek the least restrictive penalty possible.

Source: The Missourian, “Man in Custody After St. Clair Armed Robbery“, February 04, 2014


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