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Will carrying your own breath test help you avoid a DUI?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | DWI Law

There are a variety of ways that people end up facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges. Frequently, drivers make little mistakes at the wheel that give a police officer reason to suspect that they have had too much to drink. Targeted traffic enforcement is a leading cause of DUI arrests. Causing a crash after drinking is another common reason for DUI charges. Police officers will test you anytime you get into a wreck.

Many people have a hard time gauging their own level of impairment when they drink. They tend to think of themselves as soberer than they actually are. In other words, you won’t always know when you are too drunk to drive. Now that mobile breath testing technology is available at a retail level, would carrying a test protect you from charges?

Tests can help but are far from infallible

If you can’t honestly tell if you have had too much to drink, a breath test can be an important reference point to determine if it is safe for you to drive. However, as with the units used by police officers, there is always a possibility that failing to calibrate the device or update its software will compromise the accuracy of test results.

There is also the possibility that you will test yourself right after finishing a drink. It is possible for your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to continue climbing for some time after you finish drinking. The reading that you have when you leave the bar might be lower than the one that police obtained if they test you 20 minutes later. In other words, although the breast test units can help you determine if you are not sober enough to drive, the results may give you a false sense of confidence in some cases.

Socially-active individuals may see the benefit in buying their own device

The more frequently you drink while out in a social environment and then have to contemplate driving home, the more opportunities you might have to make use of the testing system that can help you evaluate whether you should get behind the wheel or not.

Some drivers will likely benefit from investing in breath tests that help them be more aware of their own impairment some avoid making mistakes. Others may buy the devices and then fail to consistently use them. Recognizing when you may be at increased risk for DUI charges and the limitations of breath tests can help those worried about DUI charges.

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