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Can I sleep drinks off in my car?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | DWI Law

Part of the fun of your favorite sports season is meeting your friends for drinks at the bar to watch the game. Whether your team wins or loses, it can still be an excellent time to get out with the guys.

When it’s time to go home, and you have had too many, it can feel like you have limited options. It can be tempting to take a nap in your car while your body processes the alcohol.

Here’s why it is risky to try to sleep in your car when you are drunk.

Possession and control of the vehicle

While driving is often part of a DWI charge, it is not a necessary component. Your vehicle does not need to be in motion for an officer to bring drunk driving charges.

Rather than looking at whether you are actually driving, officers look at whether you intend to drive while intoxicated. When you fall asleep in your car, you still have possession of the keys and the vehicle, making it more likely that you could decide to drive before the alcohol has cleared your system.

Although some factors can make a stronger case for your intent, there are Missouri cases of people sleeping in their vehicle who were found guilty of a DWI because they could have control of the car.

Additional hazards of trying to “sleep one off”

Sleeping in your vehicle after a night of drinking poses more threats than a drunk driving charge. When you have been drinking, you are less likely to respond safely to other dangers, such as:

  • Extreme heat
  • Someone breaking into your vehicle
  • Cold weather
  • Storms

These additional problems could begin or get worse while you are sleeping, leaving you unable to make a safer choice.

Sleeping in your car after a night of drinking could have serious consequences. If you are planning to have drinks away from home, plan for a safe ride home.

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