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What are some reasons the police might stop you unexpectedly?

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2021 | Drunk Driving

There are many reasons why the police may stop you unexpectedly. From having one of your taillights out to running a stop sign, almost any misstep can lead to a traffic stop.

Now, in many cases, a traffic stop is for nothing other than to warn you. For instance, the officer might explain that you ran a stop sign that you couldn’t see well or that your brake lights aren’t working when you slow down. Giving you that information is helpful and can assist you in preventing crashes.

Unfortunately, these stops can also be unwarranted or go sideways when the police accuse you of being impaired.

Why would the police pull over a driver?

You probably know about some of the main reasons why the police would pull over a driver, such as:

  • Seeing them illegally use a cell phone behind the wheel
  • Watching them run a red light
  • Getting a notification that the driver has been reported to the police due to reckless driving or other issues
  • Witnessing the driver weave in and out of traffic
  • Seeing the driver tailgate others
  • For equipment violations, such as brake lights that aren’t working

All of these are relatively common reasons for pulling someone over. That being said, not everyone who gets stopped should face questions about impairment. However, if you do roll down your window and the officer sees an open container or smells alcohol, they may ask if you’ve been drinking. That’s why it’s a smart idea not to roll down the window very far and to avoid answering any questions that you don’t have to. You never want to give the police information that could be used against you, even accidentally.

During this stop, an officer may ask you to take a Breathalyzer test if they feel you’re impaired. The results will influence what happens next. If the police accuse you of drunk driving, then you should take action to resolve the claims. A solid defense will go a long way in helping you avoid unfair penalties that you might otherwise face due to a drunk driving charge.

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