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Higher risk of a DWI arrest on St. Patrick’s Day

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2020 | DWI Defense

St. Patrick’s Day has become a national holiday popular amongst many Americans despite its prior cultural significance. Though the holiday falls on a weekday this year, you can be sure that many people will be partying throughout the day at the parade in downtown St. Louis and elsewhere.

Heightened DWI checkpoints

One significant consequence of the holiday is that police will typically set up DWI checkpoints to account for the higher number of intoxicated motorists on the road. Over 250,000 spectators attend the St. Louis parade, which means that thousands are expected to begin drinking from the morning until whenever the festivities end Saturday night. Here are five reasons why you run a greater risk of being charged with a DWI on St. Patty’s day:

1. Increased DWI checkpoints will randomize the vehicles stopped and checked

2. Festive and green apparel, along with drunken behavior, could be used to target you as a partygoer

3. Sheriff Departments plan to increase patrols in their jurisdictions

4. More concentrated areas for the festivities means easier identification of problem areas where police can carry out multiple saturation patrols.

5. The extended duration of drinking could mislead partygoers as to how intoxicated they really are

Understanding Missouri’s DWI laws

A DWI in Missouri can lead to a variety of criminal penalties depending on the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the driver, the circumstances surrounding the traffic stop, whether there are children in the vehicle, and your behavior during the stop and assessment. Due to Missouri’s implied consent laws, if you refuse a chemical sobriety test, you could have your driver’s license revoked as well as other legal penalties. If you or a loved one receives a DWI charge, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who can make sure that you pursue the best legal options available.


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