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You were stopped at a sobriety checkpoint and then arrested for DWI. Is there any way to beat the charge?

In some sobriety checkpoint cases, you can win. With experienced and aggressive legal representation, it may be possible to beat a DWI charge.

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About Missouri DWI Checkpoint Laws

Police sometimes make fatal errors when setting up and operating sobriety checkpoints. When they do, it may be possible to overcome a DWI charge.

For an arrest made at a DWI checkpoint to hold up in court, the police must follow proper procedures when setting up the checkpoint, including the creation of a detailed plan and supervision by a senior officer. When they stop someone, they must also have probable cause to believe that someone has been drinking, through initial observations, field sobriety tests, statements by the driver or other reasons.

Police make errors during these and subsequent procedures, such as breath testing and failure to advise the driver of his or her rights. When defending you, attorney Travis Noble will carefully examine all aspects of your case, looking for police mistakes that could result in a positive outcome.

Don't Think That Your Case Is Lost

Police in Missouri began using sobriety checkpoints with the purpose of removing the element of police officer subjectivity when making stops. While a sobriety checkpoint may serve that purpose, other police mistakes could result in a dismissal of the charge, reduction to a non-alcohol driving offense or a not guilty verdict.

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