Underage Drinking And Driving Defense Lawyer

Under Missouri's zero tolerance law, underage drivers with any alcohol in their system (.02 blood alcohol content) are subject to license suspension. Drivers who are under 21 and legally intoxicated (.08 BAC or greater) may face full-fledged DWI charges and all the consequences that an over-21 adult would face.

Under 21 DWI And Zero Tolerance Violations In Missouri

The law firm of Travis Noble, P.C., in St. Louis, Missouri, provides skilled and experienced representation to high school students, college students and other under-21 drivers arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving.

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DWI Consequences For Young People

Beyond the criminal and license penalties, drunk driving and alcohol offenses can adversely affect a young person's education and adulthood:

  • Suspension or expulsion from school
  • Loss of eligibility for sports and other activities
  • Denial of college entrance
  • Loss of scholarships or student aid
  • Barriers to certain career paths
  • Obstacles to employment

Because of these serious ramifications, you need an attorney like Travis Noble Jr. who can capably challenge an alcohol citation or DWI arrest.

Missouri Underage DWI Law Firm

Drivers under the legal drinking age do not get a "slap on the wrist." To the contrary, the zero tolerance law calls for an automatic 90-day driver's license suspension at a BAC of .02. A second offense before age 21 results in license revocation for one year. Underage drivers must also complete a substance abuse traffic offender program (SATOP) before their license can be reinstated.

Underage drivers who are arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of drugs can face jail, fines, probation, a misdemeanor criminal record, license suspension and all the other consequences of DWI/DUI.

Experienced Defense For All Impaired Driving Offenses

Trial lawyer Travis Noble is known for effective DWI defenses, from challenging the traffic stop to challenging Breathalyzer test results. He fights to dismiss cases or downgrade them to lesser charges that will not unduly punish an underage driver or ruin the young person's future.

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