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18-year-old MU student allegedly stole handgun from unlocked car

A freshman from the University of Missouri was taken into police custody on Oct. 31 for an alleged theft of a handgun and two magazines from an unlocked, idling vehicle. According to the MU police captain, the alleged theft occurred between 8:22 and 8:45 p.m. on Oct. 26 in one of the university's eastern campus parking lots. Police stated that the student, just 18-years-old, was very intoxicated when he walked by the idling Toyota. The car's windows were rolled down approximately 6 to 8 inches. He allegedly took a Springfield Armory subcompact XD-9 handgun, a holster and the two magazines out of the car. Another student had been unloading items from the vehicle into a residence hall when the alleged theft occurred.

St. Louis press raise awareness of wrongfully arrested detainees

'Jail mail" is a popular way detainees request publication of their stories of wrongful arrest in newspapers. Reporters frequently receive 'jail mail" from those who believe they have been wrongfully arrested. It is difficult and time-consuming for news reporters to track down the detainees that send these letters. As a way to deal with this wrongful arrest problem, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporters have created the 'Jailed By Mistake" project.

Eight years in lockup for accused Missouri robber

On Oct. 3, a district judge in St. Louis handed down a pair of jail sentences to an Iowa man who apparently confessed to an armed robbery. The incident took place on Jan. 17, when the 26-year-old man robbed a bank with a 27-year-old female. In addition to the criminal charges he faced for the robbery itself, he was also accused of illegally possessing a 9mm firearm that he used to commit the crime.

Four men accused of home invasion robbery

On Oct. 14, police received reports of a robbery on Beechmont Court in St. Louis County. Police claim that four men approached two women sitting in a car that was backing out of the house's garage at approximately 10:30 a.m. Two of the men were armed, police say. All four may face criminal charges arising out of the alleged incident.

Accused felon evades police capture in Missouri

A 23-year-old man charged with multiple felonies allegedly evaded arrest after escaping from Caldwell County Detention Center in Kingston, Missouri. After being stopped while allegedly driving a stolen vehicle, the accused continued to flee on foot. Although police officers were able to recover the vehicle and identify the accused, they were unable to make an arrest.

Over 150 people arrested during drug and weapons sting

Missouri federal agents spent four months working undercover out of a false store front in order to tempt convicted felons by arranging drug and weapons transactions. This operation resulted in criminal charges against more than 150 defendants in the U.S. District Court, federal court and the St. Louis Circuit Court, among others.

Two Missouri men charged with kidnapping

Two Knox County men are facing kidnapping and other felony charges in connection with a May incident. One of the men, 42, is charged with tampering with a victim, felonious restraint, two counts of domestic assault and felony kidnapping. The second man, 32, was charged with victim tampering, felony kidnapping and two criminal charges.

U.S. Supreme Court allows DNA collection

Those facing criminal charges in Missouri may have heard of a recent United States Supreme Court case, Maryland vs. King, 12-207. This case reinstated a sexual assault conviction that had been overturned, and upheld a Maryland law that allows for the collection of DNA samples when police make an arrest. The White House and some of the Supreme Court justices compared the routine collection of DNA samples to fingerprinting, but the court's dissenting opinion maintains that the practice violates the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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