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Car insurance challenges after a DWI conviction

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2024 | Drunk Driving

An arrest for a Missouri driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense could lead to several major consequences for the person arrested. If a driver pleads guilty or the courts convict them of a DWI, they could serve time in state custody or may have to submit to probation. The temporary loss of driving privileges is also a common consequence.

Many individuals accused of a DWI offense are eager to get their driver’s license back as soon as possible. However, once they do, they quickly realize that there are other challenges ahead. A DWI conviction can have major consequences for someone’s insurance coverage.

Basic costs increase noticeably

A DWI on someone’s record is a major traffic violation. It is likely to have a significant impact on what a motorist pays for insurance coverage. Insurance industry data indicates that a driver with a DWI on their record can expect to pay an average of roughly 42% more for insurance coverage than someone without a DWI.

The company that someone purchases insurance from and their prior driving record can influence how much of an increase they actually face. Someone with multiple prior offenses or a history of serious traffic tickets could see a much more significant premium increase than a motorist whose only recent moving violation was the DWI offense.

People may need to switch companies

Sometimes, the state requires evidence of insurance coverage from those convicted of certain types of driving offenses. Motorists may even need to submit evidence to the state that they have obtained and currently maintain proper coverage on their vehicles. They need an SR-22 policy.

Sometimes, insurance companies do not agree to continue underwriting a policy when someone needs SR-22 coverage after a DWI conviction. Even if someone doesn’t require special coverage, the level of risk that they represent may make them ineligible for their current policy or any policy provided by their current insurance company.

Between the costs of regaining a driver’s license and the cost of substantially increased premium prices, the secondary expenses generated by a DWI offense can easily reach thousands of dollars. Fighting DWI charges may allow someone to preserve their license and protect their pocketbook. A driver who successfully defends against DWI charges doesn’t have to worry about increased insurance premium costs or the economic impact of losing a driver’s license.

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