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How social drinking could increase the risk of a DWI charge

On Behalf of | May 27, 2024 | Drunk Driving

Motorists who are convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenses may end up serving time in jail, losing their driver’s licenses and paying large fines.

Some people are at greater risk of a DWI arrest than others. Those who drink regularly for personal enjoyment may struggle to gauge their intoxication or may overestimate their alcohol tolerance. Other times, it might be social drinking that leads to someone getting arrested for a DWI. Drinking with friends or loved ones at a party or bar could potentially lead to someone having a much higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) than they expect. They might then face arrest and prosecution.

Why does social drinking sometimes lead to DWI allegations?

Social hosts may over-serve

Some people throwing parties want their visitors to drink enough to relax and start socializing. Someone serving alcohol in a social environment rather than at a for-profit business might provide bigger servings of wine and beer. They might also add more liquor to mixed drinks when compared to bars and restaurants. People attempting to count their drinks to avoid intoxication could end up with far more alcohol in their board streams than they expect. They could then face legal consequences if they try to drive home without waiting enough time to sober up first.

Every bar is slightly different

Even if someone’s alcohol-related socialization occurs at a bar or restaurant, the potential exists for someone to have far more alcohol than they expect in each drink that they receive. While bars and restaurants try to control alcohol service, not all of them have the same servings and recipes. From deceptively-sized stemware and beer glasses to bartenders over-serving in the hopes of obtaining better tips, there are many ways that people could unintentionally consume more alcohol than they expect when going to an establishment that they have never frequented before. The presence of friends and family might push people to drink far more than they anticipate.

People who account for factors that could lead to Missouri DWI charges are in a better position to avoid arrest and prosecution. Understanding the law and how alcohol affects the human body can make a major difference for those who drink socially.

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