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Does one type of alcohol make you more drunk than others?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | BAC

Some people claim that they can’t drink certain types of alcohol because they just get “too drunk.” If you’re at the bar trying to decide if it’s safe to drive home, you may apply this logic to the drinks that you buy. For instance, maybe you think you would be at risk of getting a DWI if you had a lot of mixed drinks, but you’re certainly willing to have a beer and then drive.

But is this claim actually true? Does the type of alcohol that you drink matter and is one type going to get you more drunk than another type? Is there any real difference when drinking wine, liquor or beer?

The amount of alcohol is what really matters

In actuality, no type of alcohol gets you more drunk than another type. The amount that you put into your system determines how high your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) goes up. You can reach that level with any of the types listed above – wine, liquor, and beer – but you need different amounts of liquid to get there.

For instance, one 12-ounce beer is generally considered a single drink. But this also assumes that the beer is about 5% alcohol. If you have a craft beer that is 10%, that should count as two drinks, but many people mistakenly assume that it is just one.

Additionally, a single shot is considered a drink. Beer often takes longer to drink, and it makes you feel full, so people won’t drink as much of it. But they might be may be more likely to take another shot. Since you don’t need nearly as much liquid, this can lead to over-drinking in a way that may not happen with beer. That’s why people sometimes say that shots or mixed drinks get them to be “too drunk.” The reality is that they are simply consuming more alcohol, even though they may not realize it.

Are you facing DWI charges?

Unfortunately, any type of mistake or inaccurate judgment about what you’ve been drinking could lead to DWI charges. If you find yourself in this position, it’s critical that you understand all of your defense options. Seek legal guidance right away to better safeguard your interests.

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