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Drinking at a party? Watch out for spiked beverages

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | Drunk Driving

Whenever you go to a party and are hanging out with people who are in college or just starting their careers, some of those parties can get pretty wild. It’s normal for people to drink as they unwind from their stressful school or workdays.

While that’s the case, something you really have to be on the lookout for is anyone who could be spiking the nonalcoholic drinks. Whether it’s someone who slips a few rounds of vodka into an open bowl of punch or it’s someone who hands you a drink and claims it has no alcohol inside, spiked drinks can lead to real trouble.

Getting a spiked beverage could lead to confusion

One thing that is clear about spiking drinks is that it is dangerous. The person who drinks that beverage has no way of knowing how much alcohol they’re ingesting. They may not be sure what’s in the drink and, when they start to feel strange, might just think they’re getting sick or are too tired to stay at the party.

This kind of situation may lead to someone attempting to drive home thinking that they need to get rest when they’re actually intoxicated because of someone else’s actions. Whether the spiked drink contained alcohol or drugs, they’re driving under the influence and without the knowledge that they are.

A traffic stop could lead to charges

At this stage, there are a couple things that could happen. If an officer pulls over the vehicle and the person says they’re unwell, the officer might follow them home to make sure they get there. They might take a breath sample or stop the person from driving because they suspect that they’re drunk or drugged. They might also have the person pull over and take them to the hospital or directly home themselves.

For the person who has been drugged or become intoxicated without their own knowledge, there are some circumstances that will work out better for them than others. While it’s hoped that officers will recognize when someone has been affected due to someone else’s actions, the truth is that it isn’t always easy to tell. That’s what leads to innocent people ending up facing charges for DUIs they don’t deserve.

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