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Can you get arrested for drunk driving the day after a party?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2022 | Drunk Driving

When you go out to a party, you might get wild with your friends. They might convince you to drink far more than you reasonably should. Drinking games or just the desire to have a wild night can lead to the consumption of unsafe amounts of alcohol. Binge drinking at parties puts people at risk of medical consequences and also of drunk driving charges.

You might drink more in a couple of hours than you usually drink in a week or a month. Even if you are a frequent social drinker, you may drink far more than you can handle. If you know your limits or plan ahead, drinking that much doesn’t have to lead to dangerous mistakes.

You can make responsible choices by choosing not to drive home drunk from the party. Maybe you have a friend drive you home or you take a cab. Maybe you sleep on the host’s couch and then drive home the next morning. Although you may have things you need to do, like drive yourself to work, you may be at risk of getting a DUI even the day after you have too much to drink. 

There’s a limit to how much your body can metabolize

There is no secret trick to help you sober up quickly when you have had far too much to drink. Neither a cup of coffee nor even a night’s rest will force your body to metabolize and get rid of alcohol faster than usual.

Factors ranging from your age and sex to your weight and diet will influence how much alcohol you can metabolize. As a general rule, your body can handle the alcohol contained in one drink every hour. If you had four or five cocktails or a 12-pack of beer, you can very easily still be over the legal limit the next morning.

If a police officer pulls you over, they will care more about the breath test results than how long it has been since you had a drink. They could arrest you and charge you with impaired driving even though you made the responsible choice to not drive immediately after drinking. Learning more about how alcohol affects your body can help you avoid or defend against drunk driving charges.

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