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How Can A DWI Drug Charge Affect College?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | DWI Law

Parents want the best opportunities for your child when they go away to college. For most students, college is the most time they’ve ever spent away from home. It’s a time where they can discover new interests and people. It is also a time to test the limits of their newfound freedom. Sometimes this freedom can lead to unfortunate circumstances when it comes to run-ins with the law.

Finding the limits of college freedom

It’s a common sight in college parties and student areas to see marijuana use. Despite the relaxed legal status of marijuana in other states, possession of the drug is illegal in Missouri. A traffic stop could lead to numerous situations that could give the police probable cause to search a vehicle. A search and seizure that finds a motorist in possession of a controlled substance can have widespread implications on a student’s academic and professional life:

FAFSA eligibility: If a charge occurred while a student was receiving federal student aid, your eligibility might be suspended. Those applying for federal aid may find that their disclosure makes them ineligible for aid. Some can regain eligibility by attending drug rehabilitation programs. A financial situation could worsen if a student is then required to return the student aid received during a period of ineligibility.

Educational repercussions: Most colleges have some drug policy for those students charged with possession. Missouri state colleges have procedures in place that could lead to probation or dismissal from the institution. In some cases, this separation is temporary, and in other scenarios can be permanent.

Post-college opportunities: A drug conviction can limit a student’s graduate school opportunities and provide many obstacles to employment after college. Most job applications require disclosures regarding previous criminal convictions prior to a background check.

Protecting a student’s future potential

If a student is charged with a drug crime, you want to give them the best chance available to get past this mistake. You don’t want such an event to dictate the extent of their career potential. Give them the chance to learn from their mistakes and become more responsible students because of this incident.

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