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Don’t let drunk driving ruin baseball season

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Drunk Driving

With baseball season starting, you want to be there to cheer for your team. You and your colleagues are all major fans of the game, so you usually head out after work to the bar to watch. As the season approaches and begins, it’s important that you take the time to remind yourself and your friends and colleagues about staying safe while you’re enjoying your night out.

Whether you watch college baseball or the Major League, it’s going to be soured if you end up with a DUI. That’s why one good tip for you this season is to consider setting up a designated driver each game day. The likelihood is that you do have a colleague or two who are cutting back on alcohol or who don’t mind skipping a day. If you rotate, you can all ride together and have your sober colleague take you back to your houses after the game.

It’s just a drink or two, so can’t you drive home anyway?

You might not end up drunk at the bar if you only have one or two drinks, but any level of intoxication can play a role in a crash or dangerous driving behaviors. The legal limit is .08%, but you also need to know that you could still face penalties if you are under the .08% limit and driving dangerously.

That’s why it’s suggested to use a ride-sharing service, to call a cab, to use public transportation or to have a designated sober driver. Those options guarantee that you won’t be behind the wheel where you could make mistakes that put you on an officer’s radar.

The only safe alcohol limit is .00%

When you’re driving, the only safe limit is .00%. While you may not feel many effects of the alcohol at a lower percentage, like .02%, the reality is that your body and mind are still affected. You may have fewer inhibitions or be slightly tired or dizzy. At higher percentages, you could see your driving skills be seriously impacted.

There is no reason to risk driving when you could be intoxicated. Good planning makes any event better, so talk to your group about setting up a schedule for your sober drivers. If everyone wants to drink while you’re out, plan ahead. Call and schedule a ride-sharing service or taxi, so you can all get home without having to be behind the wheel.

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