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Do hot wings make you drink more?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2019 | BAC, Drunk Driving

Few things in life are better than meeting your buddies for some beer and hot wings at your favorite sports bar. After all, polishing off some wings while you watch the Cardinals beat the Cubs in extra innings is one of life’s simple pleasures. Still, combining beer and hot wings may make you drink more than you otherwise would.

Driving with a blood alcohol concentration over 0.08% may land you in jail. If you are operating a commercial vehicle, a BAC over 0.04% violates Missouri’s drunk-driving laws. While you may have a good idea of how much alcohol you can consume without running afoul of the law, eating certain foods may cause you to inadvertently consume more alcohol.

Eating may make you drink more 

According to experts, alcohol impairs inhibitory control. After consuming alcohol, you may have cravings your mouth wants you to satisfy. This, in turn, may cause you to order an extra plate of wings. When you do, you may need something to help you wash down your tasty treat. The cycle may cause your BAC to climb above the legal limit before you leave the sports bar.

Beer may make wings taste spicier 

If you prefer to order your hot wings on the spicy side, beer may help otherwise bland wings taste spicier. It is all about the science, though, with a beer’s alcohol content and International Bittering Units playing a part. Note, though, that if you prefer malty beers, your food may taste less spicy. That is, malt has a way of numbing your taste buds.

As you know, driving home after drinking too much is a recipe for disaster. Calling a friend or taking a rideshare are much better ideas. Still, you should realize how eating hot wings may affect your alcohol consumption. With this knowledge, you can better plan for a safe and legally uneventful evening at the sports bar with your buddies.


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