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How to drink responsibly at your next Cardinals game

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2019 | BAC, Drunk Driving

One of the best parts of living in the St. Louis area is leaving work early to take in a Cardinals baseball game. After all, the Cardinals have a long history of playing some of the best ball in MLB. While there is nothing wrong with drinking a beer or two at the ballgame, a DWI charge is an effective way to ruin both your afternoon and your summer. 

Drinking responsibly at sporting events is often more difficult than it sounds. When you are watching the Cardinals stack up runs against the Cubs, it can be tough to monitor your alcohol consumption. Still, drinking responsibly is one of the most successful strategies for avoiding a DWI. Here are some tips for drinking responsibly at your next Cardinals game.

Skip the pre-party 

While tailgating before the ballgame sounds fun, it may be a recipe for disaster. That is, if you become inebriated before the game begins, you may not be able to control how much beer you consume in the stadium. Further, if you opt for high-proof liquors during your pre-game celebration, your blood alcohol concentration may climb quickly. Either way, continuing to drink during the game may put your BAC well above the legal limit. 

Grab a hotdog 

The hotdogs at Busch Stadium are not just delicious, but they also help you combat the effects of alcohol. With a nearly perfect combination of protein and carbohydrates, hotdogs help your body absorb alcohol slower. Further, because eating makes you feel full, you may consume fewer alcoholic beverages during the game. 

Call an Uber or Lyft 

Perhaps the best way to drink responsibly at any sporting event is to leave your car parked at your house. Rather than driving to the stadium, call an Uber or Lyft. Or, take public transportation. Remember, you cannot face a DWI charge if you do not drive. 

If you live in the St. Louis area, you should try to take in a Cardinals game or two during the season. When you do, though, you must commit to drinking responsibly. By avoiding a DWI charge, you enjoy the game without affecting your future. 


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