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How much will a DWI cost you?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2019 | DWI Defense

The consequences of a DWI conviction are more than just possible jail time, license suspension or alcohol treatment. Another is the significant impact on your finances. Expenses can include hiring an attorney, paying court fees and fines, posting bail and purchasing an ignition interlock.

However, these bills are only the beginning of the equation. A DWI can affect your bank account in the following ways as well. This is yet another reason why it is imperative to have a strong legal defense to protect your rights and your wallet.

Insurance increase

Not surprisingly, your insurance rates will go up after getting a DWI, because your provider will see you as a risk. In Missouri, the average price increase is about 42 percent, reveals ValuePenguin. Thankfully, the number is on the lower end compared to other states, but price hikes can still make a big enough difference in your budget. If you have a good driving record prior to this incident, you may not face as much of a penalty.

Some insurers drop those with convictions, and you may have to shop from a limited pool of insurance companies that will cover you at a high cost. You will have to buy from one to show proof of insurance while trying to get back your driver’s license.

Lost wages

Losing your driving privileges can present a challenge in getting to and from work. You may have to cut back your hours, use sick days or quit if you cannot find transportation. If you end up in jail, you most likely will lose your job. Either way, without income, you will be in financial trouble.

License reinstatement

Getting your license back takes money, as well. Besides the reinstatement fee, you incur fees from completing the mandatory programs for alcohol offenses. These can add up to hundreds of dollars. Between all the monetary consequences, a DWI can cost thousands, so it is worth defending against.

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