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How can you reinstate driving privileges in Missouri?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2018 | DWI Law

Receiving a conviction for driving while intoxicated in Missouri can have a serious impact on your overall quality of life, and it can complicate everything from your ability to work to your ability to vote. Losing your license in the wake of a Missouri DWI has the capacity to lead to long-term financial hardship, so chances are, you would like to get your license back as soon as you possibly can so you can resume going to work, school or wherever else you need to go.

So, what can you do to get your license back in the aftermath of a Missouri DWI conviction?

A multi-step process

The first step in pursuing a Missouri license reinstatement involves determining exactly why you lost your license in the first place. You can find this information on your driving record, and it should have also appeared on the correspondence you received when you lost your license in the first place. Once you know the exact reasons you lost your license, you can determine what forms you will need to file and what steps you will need to take to earn back your driving privileges.

If you lost your license because of points you received for a DWI, you will need to pay a $45 license reinstatement fee, and you will also have to furnish proof of having liability insurance for at least two years from the date you lost your license. You will also need to produce proof of your completion of a substance abuse program and, if necessary, installation of an ignition interlock device. Additionally, if you lost your license for a year or longer, you will also need to retake your driving test to get your license back. 

While this information details the process of pursuing a license reinstatement after a Missouri DWI, you may need to take additional steps depending on the circumstances surrounding your loss of license.

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