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Do not underestimate “weak” alcoholic drinks

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2018 | BAC

Whether you are a man or a woman, you surely enjoy taking the time to relax and have fun with friends when the weekend comes. Even on weekdays, after work, you are likely to seek out a respite from the stress of the day. If you are like many people, this might come in the form of enjoying a drink. Even “weak” drinks can incur unexpected consequences.

One of the most common of these is a DUI. Many people do not realize they are over the legal blood alcohol content limit. Underestimating the alcohol content of your drinks may contribute to this, and many people make this mistake when drinking any of the following drinks.

Hard cider

Many hard cider drinks actually contain a higher alcohol content than regular beers. Still, because of their sweet flavor and friendly marketing, they are commonly perceived as weaker and thus less likely to get you drunk quickly. This is not the case, and downing a few of these can easily put your blood alcohol content above the legal limit.


Everybody loves a good margarita, or perhaps you prefer a mint julep. If you are an aficionado of cocktails, though, you know people may underestimate the strength of these drinks strictly from appearance. Cocktails are commonly brightly colored and sweet, so it is easy to see where the misconception comes from, but these drinks are still often potently alcoholic.


Wine is yet another drink that many often mistakenly view as weaker than other alcoholic drinks. Whether you are enjoying it at home or having a glass when you are eating out, you should be careful to watch your intake. Much like ciders and cocktails, people may dismiss wine’s alcoholic potency, which might lead you to get drunk more quickly without being aware of your inebriation.


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