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The total cost of a DWI

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2018 | DWI Defense

Driving under the influence of alcohol can result in substantial consequences to a person upon arrest. Not only are there legal consequences, that individual may also have to contend with financial challenges, as well, due to the high cost of DWI

Any driver arrested for drunk driving can expect some hefty legal fines. However, the financial fallout is not likely to stop there.  

Higher insurance premiums

After a DWI arrest, and after the person gets his or her driver’s license back, the auto insurance company will definitely raise premiums. Drivers can expect to pay upwards of $50 a month on auto insurance, which results in hundreds of dollars more every year. Keeping the points off of a person’s driving record can help keep insurance rates manageable. 

Ignition interlock devices

In many cases, the individual will need to install an ignition interlock device within the vehicle, as per a court order. The driver has to pay for this piece of equipment out of pocket, which can cost up to $150. There are also maintenance fees with these devices, which can lead to an extra $60 to $80 a month. 

Lost wages

Spending time in jail and having to go to court means the arrested driver will likely miss at least some time at work. In some cases, an employer may even terminate the individual if a substantial amount of work is missed. Even if the job is secure, the employee will probably still have to work fewer hours in order to take care of all the issues. The loss of a driver’s license may make it difficult or impossible for him or her to get to work. 

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