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Can you drive for Uber with a DWI on your record?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2018 | DWI Law

Uber and other ridesharing apps have helped people all over Missouri reach their destinations. It has also brought huge advantages for people looking for income, with some drivers making upwards of $17 an hour through the app. 

However, before someone can become an independent contractor through Uber or Lyft, he or she first needs to pass a background check. While some people have criticized the app’s background checks for not being thorough enough and allowing criminals to drive, it can certainly catch big red flags. People who have DWI convictions on their records can definitely expect not to pass, which can seriously jeopardize the kind of work they can get. 

Uber’s rules

To become an Uber driver, you simply need to complete a form found on the app’s website. Once the company has all your information, a representative will conduct a background check. The app requires all drivers to have clean driving records. Anyone who has a DWI conviction or any other drug-related criminal offense within the last seven years will not be eligible. Other convictions that will prevent you from working as an Uber driver include any felony, reckless driving and driving without a license or auto insurance. 

Even if the court ultimately dropped the charges, you still may not be able to get a job. In this instance, the DWI would not appear on a criminal record, but it would still appear on your record with the DMV, and Uber checks that. 


Expunging a criminal record means a conviction will not appear on a criminal background check. However, while your criminal record will be clean, expungement does not clear your driving record. 


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