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Summer holidays with the highest rates of DWI

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2018 | DWI Defense

Summer is full of holidays centering around outdoor celebrations that involve grilling, swimming and, of course, drinking. The warm weather demands nice, cold beverages to stay cool.

Unfortunately, the many parties and high volume of drinking also lead to more DWI accidents in the summertime. Knowing which holidays have the highest risk can help you plan ahead to avoid getting a DWI in Missouri.

Deadliest summer holidays

According to CBS News, the most dangerous day on the road the entire year is July 4, Independence Day. The weekend with the highest fatal crashes is the one before Memorial Day. Though not as high up, Labor Day also makes the list. These times are so hazardous due to several factors:

  • More travelers on the road
  • Long travel times
  • Higher alcohol consumption (partially due to more places to drink, such as beaches and parks)
  • Travel immediately after the holiday, including at night

In addition, summer holidays bring water activities and thus the risk of operating a watercraft while intoxicated and causing a boat crash.

Preventing DWI this summer

This reality does not mean you cannot enjoy alcohol during festivities. It just means you have to be smart and prepare. Slow down your alcohol intake, remembering to eat and drink water between alcoholic beverages. Stop drinking at a certain time, as well, if you know if you have to drive back home right after the party. 

Many factors can affect your BAC, however, so avoid relying on only a certain number of drinks to stay sober. It is best to choose a designated driver, someone you know for a fact will not drink. If you cannot find someone, call a taxi or use a rideshare service instead. If possible, another option is to spend the night at where the party is. If no solution works for you, you just may have to forgo the drinks for one day for a foolproof way to prevent a DWI. 


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