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How to avoid a DWI this Cinco de Mayo

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2018 | Blog

Cinco de Mayo is a popular holiday in the United States. The holiday’s origins relate to Mexico’s victory over the army led by Napoleon at the Battle of Puebla. However, for many people, the day is an excuse to spend time with friends and go out drinking. 

You should certainly have fun, but you do not want to put a damper on the good times by having a run-in with the police. If you plan on going out drinking, either at a bar or a friend’s house, then you should be responsible. There are many ways to have a good time without putting yourself and others in danger or risk getting a DWI

Host a Cinco de Mayo party

Instead of going out to a bar, you should consider hosting a fun event at your place. Invite friends over and entice them with some homemade tacos or burritos. At the end of the night, you do not have to worry about getting inside a car. To keep your friends and family safe, make sure to take everyone’s keys at the beginning of the night. Arrange rides home for everyone, or offer a guest room for people to spend the night in. 

Find another way to get to a bar

If everyone wants to go to a bar, then you can save yourself some hassle by not even driving. Take an Uber or Lyft to the bar. You could even take the bus. If your car is not in the bar’s parking lot, then you force yourself to find another/safer way home. 

Book a hotel room

In the event that there are hotels within walking distance to the bar, you should think about booking yourself a room in advance. That way, you can walk from the bar to a nice, cozy bed. 

Have a designated driver 

For people planning on bar-hopping in a group, one person should be the designated driver. It may not be glamorous, but a lot of bars will provide free sodas to these unsung heroes. 


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