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Lack of seat belt leads to missing victim of DUI crash

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Blog

A DWI in Missouri brings with it difficult legal troubles for those charged. However, add to it manslaughter, assault and best friends, and the consequences are all the more tragic.

As reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a trio of young adults was involved in a deadly accident this holiday month, where one of them lost his life. One of the best friends was driving the truck on the fateful Saturday night when the accident occurred. He lost control of the truck, left the roadway and flipped over.

Missing passenger

The driver and a passenger were airlifted to a hospital. The next day, the driver called the father of a second passenger to let him know of the accident and that his son, the second passenger, was missing. Not only was he missing, but he was unmentioned in the crash reports.

The father contacted the police who then returned to examine the scene of the single car accident further. Sadly, about 50 yards into the woods, the body of the driver’s best friend was located. It appears that he was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. The mechanics of the crash threw his body far from the scene where his body remained undiscovered until that search the next day.

Lack of seat belt, darkness and woods

Authorities indicate the male victim’s unknown whereabouts resulted from a trio of factors. First, the 911 caller only stated there were two injured people. Further, at nighttime, it was very dark. There was also a thick wood line that the young man landed in at the time of the crash, causing him to remain unseen at first inspection.

Criminal charges and emotional damages

As a result, the driver-best-friend, although seriously injured himself, will now have a barrage of legal troubles ahead of him to deal with, in addition to any emotional difficulties in knowing he is responsible for his best friend’s death. The police arrested him for manslaughter, second-degree assault and, of course, DWI. The ramifications to him may be far more burdensome than those that stem from a typical DWI arrest.


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