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Although arresting a drunk driver might seem like a quite straightforward task, the reality is that DWI arrests in Missouri are complicated affairs. Police officers are under pressure to ensure they complete all the procedures involved in DWI in the correct way.

Police officers know that when they make a DWI arrest, anything they do could come under scrutiny in an eventual lawsuit or defense in court. If police have arrested you on a DWI, or you suspect police may pull you over this holiday season if you have had too much to drink, it pays to know some basic information regarding DWI arrests.

No arrest is perfect

Police officers are humans and no one is perfect, which means that no arrest is perfect. St. Louis area officers make an average of 30 DWI arrests per day, according to data from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Even during the most by-the-books DWI arrest, an officer may make some error in the paperwork or procedure that could render it easier for a defense attorney to dispute. Arrests take a lot of time, and some officers may be reluctant to make an arrest due to what they may perceive as a hassle or due to feeling too busy with other calls. The bottom line is that if DWI enforcement can vary depending on the night and the officers on patrol.

Defense attorneys know how to examine arrests

According to the above-referenced article, only 0.5 percent of Missouri police officers averaged one DWI a week, and only 5 percent averaged at least one DWI arrest per month. That means that although the sheer volume of DWI arrests may be rather small compared to an officer's overall case load and arrests, the people who police do actually end up arresting may have a very tough DWI case.

The next step after a DWI arrest is building a strategic and effective defense based on your individual case and circumstances. One of the best ways to plan your defense is by having a consultation with a lawyer who works in the DWI defense field. A DWI attorney can provide you with information and options to assist you in moving forward with your life.

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