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Getting arrested for a DWI is a serious offense. Police are always on the lookout for people who may be driving impaired, especially during major events. According to the FBI, law enforcement arrested over 1.1 million people for driving under the influence in 2014, and no one wants to be part of that statistic.

Be aware of the amount of alcohol you consume

Chances are good that if you are wondering whether you've had too much to drink, you have. Generally speaking, a person can consume one alcoholic beverage an hour while remaining under the legal limit. However, this can vary according to a person's body type and the type of alcohol consumed. When in doubt, play it safe and find another way home.

Contact a car service

When you need to get home from the bar or a party, there are plenty of ways to make it happen. Taxis are a call away, and public transportation may be an available option. You can also use a few flicks of your finger to arrange a ride through a ride-sharing app on your mobile phone. 

Plan ahead with a designated driver

For people going out in a group, they should assign one person as the designated driver. Knowing someone is there to drive everyone home should give the party peace of mind. The designated driver can also keep an eye on everyone else and hold onto people's keys to ensure no one leaves the facility on their own.

Drunk driving is a serious offense. The best way to avoid letting a night out turn into a night behind bars is to avoid placing your safety in danger in the first place. 

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