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Casting A Wide Net

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2016 | DWI Law

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According to the Hannibal Courier-Post, a DWI sobriety checkpoint in Marion County, MO resulted in two DWI arrests. 

The real story runs much deeper than two individuals being arrested for driving while intoxicated. 

When law enforcement casts a wide net as they do during a DWI checkpoint operation, there are bound to be undeserving people caught up in it. In addition to the two DWI arrests, officers also made: 

  • 1 felony warrant arrest
  • 2 misdemeanor drug arrests
  • 2 misdemeanor warrant arrests
  • 3 traffic citations
  • 27 warnings

Setting aside the well-known troubles with police checkpoints such as people being subjected to sobriety test with a lack of probable cause (unless driving at all is considered reason enough to assume that someone is intoxicated), there are still issues to be explored here. 

The 27 warnings stand out, as those folks are now at risk for penalties the next time they are pulled over by the police. Without the presence of the checkpoint, they likely would not have been pulled over for whatever the warnings were for (minor infractions such as a damaged tail light or not having a license with them). 

We are passionate about these issues because we devote our practice to protecting the rights of the accused in Missouri. Whether you face a traffic citation or have been pulled over on suspicion of DWI, you need to take your case seriously and put an experienced attorney on your side. 


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