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Drunk driving laws are well intentioned. After all, who wouldn't want to make our roads safer, thereby preventing injury and death for innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Unfortunately, the effects of our drunk driving laws can mirror the efforts of a fisherman who casts too wide a net. People who are not a true threat to public safety can get caught up in the net and face the harsh consequences designed for those who truly pose a danger to us all.

Let us explain.

A Harvard Injury Control Center survey has long indicated that "67% of those drivers who were killed in automobile accidents after drinking had BAC levels of .15 or higher...accident statistics show that impairment of driving ability seldom takes place until BAC levels exceed .10".

Despite those findings, our .08 laws tend to inflict legal and financial harm on those who have gotten behind the wheel after a couple drinks.

What Does .08 Look Like?
For a 120 pound woman, it could take as little as two glasses of wine over the course of a couple hours to reach .08. This could quickly turn an innocent happy hour into a $10,000 financial hit and a damaged reputation.

The Bottom Line
You could easily find yourself at .08 and facing the consequences of a drunk driving arrest.

If .08 happens to you, it is critical to have an experienced defense lawyer fighting to protect your rights, your reputation and your finances.

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