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The sun doesn't shine as brightly. 

The birds sing their songs out of tune. 

The cool breeze isn't refreshing. 

The ...

... alright, we'll cut it out.

The point is that life doesn't go back to normal after a DWI conviction. There are collateral consequences that will stay with you for days, months and even years. 

So, what does life have in store for you after a DWI? 

Kiss Your Money Goodbye

There's no way around it: a DWI conviction can be extremely expensive, costing upwards of $10,000 in fines, fees and other costs when all is said and done. 

Auto Insurance? Good Luck. 

If you can find auto insurance, it will cost you a pretty penny as you will be considered a high risk driver. 

Speaking of driving, you'll need to get your driver's license back before even thinking of getting back out on the road. If you are caught driving without a license you can face additional fines and criminal penalties for operating a motor vehicle without a license. 

Get Ready To Blow

So, you've got your license back, you're insured and you're ready to get on with it. 

One more thing: you'll need to blow into your ignition interlock device. If there is no trace of alcohol on your breath you'll be able to start your vehicle and take care of your to-do list. 

This will also cost you. You'll pay up front to have the device installed and, eventually, removed from your vehicle. 

Personal & Professional Damage

On top of everything we've already mentioned you could lose your job, your professional license, your financial aid for college, and the respect of your loved ones and colleagues. 

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