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Criminal charges for BAC test refusal may be unconstitutional

When drivers in Missouri are suspected of driving drunk, police officers usually request some type of blood-alcohol test. If a driver refuses to submit to a breath, blood or urine test, the driver could face administrative penalties like fines or license suspension. Some people have argued that making such refusal a separate crime in the absence of a warrant is unconstitutional.

Another state passes mandatory ignition interlock law

Missouri residents may be interested in learning that in April, Maryland became the 26th state to make ignition interlock devices mandatory for all DWI offenders, including people who receive their first convictions. This comes after a push from Mothers Against Drunk Driving to make installation of the devices mandatory for DWI offenders in every state.

DWI saturations scheduled in Missouri

Drinking alcohol and driving can be a deadly combination, and occasional intensification of monitoring for DWI activity can be a helpful tool for the authorities as they seek to send a message to residents about safety on the roads. As Missouri highway troopers prepare for such activity in May 2016, there have been announcements to alert the public to the coming efforts. The areas in which the intensified DWI enforcement will take place include the counties of Sullivan, Marion, and Ralls.

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