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According to sources, a Springfield man was given a five-year probationary sentence in a fatal DUI case recently. The 20-year-old man was also given a 10-year suspended prison sentence by a Greene County judge Feb. 19, 2016, at his sentencing hearing.

Reportedly, the man was traveling faster than 90 mph down Battlefield Road, a major street in Springfield. The 38-year-old woman who died was driving through a green light. When she entered the intersection at Battlefield Rd and Campbell Avenue, the man's vehicle reportedly struck hers, splitting it in two. The man was taken into custody, and his BAC reportedly came back at 0.266, more than 300 percent the legal limit.

The man also apparently had an outstanding warrant. He allegedly wrote a letter while he was in custody stating that he might have to go to prison. He was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, and the prosecution requested that the judge sentence him to 10 years in prison. The defense argued for a probationary sentence instead, which the judge granted.

Driving while intoxicated can lead to severe penalties, especially if a person is seriously injured or killed. People who are charged with such an offense may want to get help from a criminal defense attorney as soon as they can. As this man's case demonstrates, it is sometimes possible for a defense attorney to help their client avoid prison time, even if the facts appear to be egregious. It is possible that an attorney could identify constitutional defenses or present mitigating evidence to the court in such a way that it results in an alternative to incarceration.

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