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Man charged for DWI after near-accident with sheriff

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2016 | Drunk Driving

A man in Missouri was charged for DWI-persistent offender after running a sheriff off the road on Jan. 6. The 28-year-old man was stopped just after 9 p.m. when the Ozark County sheriff, who was traveling with the sheriff’s deputy, was heading eastbound on County Road 806. As the patrol car approached a curve in the road, they allegedly spotted the accused man coming directly toward them in the wrong lane. The sheriff was forced to veer off the side of the road in order to avoid a collision.

After the sheriff’s drove off the side of the road, he was able to turn around and follow the accused man’s car into the nearby Westridge Apartments. The officers reported seeing the man’s white car parked with its headlights on. The man accused of DWI was then found inside of the apartment, and he allegedly told the officers that he had been driving without a driver’s license.

The man was transported to Ozark County Jail, where he allegedly failed both a field sobriety test and a breath test. According to the breath test results, the man had a blood-alcohol level at .317 percent. The man has had two previous DWI convictions. In addition to DWI-persist offender, the man was charged for operating a motor vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner as well as driving without a license.

A person who is facing an elevated DWI charge due to prior convictions may want to have a criminal defense lawyer represent them. A lawyer may be able to argue for lowered charges in exchange for the defendant’s guilty plea. If the evidence against a DWI defendant is weak, a lawyer may argue for a dismissal of the charges.


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