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DoJ and DoL intend to prosecute more worker safety violations

Missouri employers who have been found to maintain an unsafe or insufficiently safe workplace may soon face a greater threat of criminal prosecution. The United States Department of Justice and the Department of Labor have signed an agreement stating their intention to prosecute more often for violations of safety standards by workplace operators.

SCOTUS to hear roadside breath test cases

Missouri residents likely know that roadside breath tests are widely used by law enforcement agencies to determine if a motorist is driving while under the influence of alcohol. Missouri is an implied consent state, and a motorist charged with drunk driving who refuses to submit to a toxicology test faces a mandatory suspension of driving privileges. However, several states make it a criminal offense, and the constitutionality of these laws is to be argued before the nation's highest court.

Bill calls for drunk drivers to attend victim impact panels

A lawmaker in Missouri introduced a bill on Dec. 8 that would require individuals who have entered a plea of guilty or have been found guilty of drunk driving to take part in victim impact panels. Missouri Rep. Mike Kelly says the goal of the bill is to educate offenders and provide a degree of closure for the relatives of drunk driving victims. The proposed effective date of House Bill 1436, which is also known as Toby's Law, is August 2016.

Teenagers and alcohol and drug abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse lands many Missouri teens in the juvenile justice system. The issue is a complex one because there isn't a single reason why teens choose to use substances. Rather, there are a myriad of reasons that lead teenagers into abusing alcohol and drugs that are as different as the teenager's personalities are.

Actor John Stamos pleads no contest to DUI charge

Missouri TV fans may find it interesting that former "Full House" and "ER" star John Stamos pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor count of DUI on Nov. 24, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. The 52-year-old was not present in court, choosing to enter his plea through his lawyer. A no contest plea means a defendant neither admits nor denies a charge, and it serves as an alternative to pleading guilty or not guilty.

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