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Missouri man charged in I-70 crash

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Misdemeanors

A 20-year-old Wentzville man faces charges of driving while intoxicated in connection with a Nov. 8 car accident. The afternoon incident occurred on Interstate 70. At the time, the man was driving west as several cars ahead of him slowed for a separate car accident. He did not stop, colliding with two cars ahead of him and causing his vehicle to flip over and strike another vehicle.

Reports indicate that the only individual injured in the four-car incident was the driver of the Mazda, who was taken to an area hospital with moderate injuries. He and the other involved drivers were reportedly wearing safety belts at the time of the incident. The other drivers, all men, avoided injury during the incident. Authorities indicate that the Mazda driver was charged with DWI. Reports do not indicate what the man’s BAC was, but because he is a minor, he could face serious penalties for a BAC of as little as .02 percent.

All states restrict alcohol possession and use for anyone under the age of 21, and a young driver could face issues such as the suspension of driving privileges simply for being stopped while under the influence of alcohol. Further penalties could apply if a minor is involved in a serious accident due to driving while intoxicated that causes injuries to others. There can also be serious personal consequences such as increased insurance rates.

A minor who has been involved in a DWI accident might choose to present a defense, especially if there is a reasonable explanation for the level of alcohol in the bloodstream. A DWI lawyer might also examine the methods used by authorities in collecting a blood or breath sample. If the prosecution has a solid case, a lawyer might find it advisable to negotiate a plea deal that could reduce the potential penalty.

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