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Kansas State football player charged with DUI

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2015 | Drunk Driving

Missouri sports fans may be interested to learn that a Kansas State Wildcats football player was arrested for DUI following a one-vehicle crash on Oct. 4. The accident occurred at approximately 2:55 a.m.

According to the Riley County Police Department, the 20-year-old sophomore drove his 2014 Ford F-150 pickup truck off the roadway near the intersection of Poyntz Avenue and Evergreen Avenue, striking a public light pole and a privately owned stone stairwell. The pickup truck sustained major front-end damage in the collision, but the backup defensive back was not hurt. Responding officers allegedly found depressant pills in the vehicle.

The defendant, a resident of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, has been charged with DUI and possession of a depressant. He was issued a bond of $3,500. During a weekly Big 12 teleconference with the media, the Kansas State football coach said he would handle the matter, but he did not elaborate.

Missouri residents arrested on impaired driving charges may face severe consequences, including jail time and steep fines. Some defendants may even find their educational or employment opportunities threatened should they be convicted. However, a criminal defense attorney may be able to get the charges reduced or dropped. In some cases, the accuracy of breathalyzer and blood alcohol content level tests may be disputed, particularly if the results fall close to the legal limit. Field sobriety tests, which are subjective, could also be questioned. In other cases, it may be possible to negotiate for a plea deal that reduces the penalties in exchange for a guilty plea to a lesser offense.

Source: USA Today, “Kansas State football player Moore arrested on DUI“, Oct. 5, 2015


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