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The consequences of underage DWI in Missouri

Though it’s not technically federal law, every state’s drinking age is set at 21. This is for the safety of younger people, whose brains have not finished developing yet. Plus, younger drinkers tend to be more reckless, especially behind the wheel of a car As such, being pulled over for driving while intoxicated is a hefty offense for minors.

Considerations in connection with field sobriety tests

A staple of police assessments of whether a driver is alcohol intoxicated are field sobriety tests. If the officer's interaction with a driver during a traffic stop leads the officer to conclude that the driver is drunk, he or she will likely have the driver exit the vehicle to perform a battery of these tests.

Consequences in Missouri of refusing a breathalyzer test

It might not make any sense at first, but you could be acquitted of the driving while intoxicated charge for which you were arrested in St. Louis and still face revocation of your license and other penalties. The reason is that Missouri is an implied consent state, so refusing a police officer’s request that you submit to an alcohol or drug test, such as a breathalyzer or a blood test, allows the state to revoke your driver’s license for one year.

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