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Police charge woman with firing gun out window

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2015 | Criminal Defense

The St. Louis Police Department arrested a woman for allegedly firing a gun out of an apartment window on Feb. 28. The incident occurred at an apartment building located in the 4600 block of Gravois.

Reportedly, police received complaints from residents regarding someone firing a gun out of a window and were dispatched to the location. Upon arrival, officers stated that a woman and two men came out of the apartment. The three who came out told officers they were not certain if any other people were inside of the residence.

Officers allege that their investigation of the incident led them to believe that the woman had fired the gun. They stated in their reports that the woman had become angry at her boyfriend and had torn up the interior of the apartment. Officers allege that she broke out several windows in the apartment, then fired a gun out one of the windows. The 29-year-old woman was taken to the hospital for treatment of a cut she allegedly sustained in the incident. Officers did not say what charges she may be facing or if she remains in custody at this time.

People facing criminal charges may face serious penalties if they are convicted. It is often important for people to view the evidence held against them with a critical eye in order to identify flaws in the case against them. A criminal defense attorney might be able to identify weaknesses in a criminal case and use those flaws in order to build a strong defense. In this case, an attorney might argue that the shots could have been fired by one of the two men through an alternate defendant defense.

Source: KMOV, “Woman arrested for firing out window of apartment,” Feb. 28, 2015


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